This a simple interactive map of the Elite:Dangerous Rare trades. That allows you to plot your own grand tour course.

Simply hover over each star, and click the ones you want. The table at the bottom shows your route with the best place on the route to sell each item.

The map is 2D the colour of the star is used to denote the Z position. From red below through yellow to white at the top. The actual distance between the current star and the star your hovering over is shown in the details box.

Simple Really.

The data used is from the excellent spread sheet done here by Cmdr Dragonic

If you wish to contact me email info@eliteraretrader.co.uk

Date Version Notes
23/12/14 1.0.0 First Release Version. Basic test really to see if anyone is intereseted, and to test out EaselJS
24/12/14 1.0.1 A few tweaks anf bug fixes, added lines to show closest 6 systems when one is picked.
24/12/14 1.1.0 Added saving of routes. Also added filtering of systems.
24/12/14 1.1.1 Final pre-christmas update, added the ability for stars to be shown slightly off from where they actually are (adds a little line back to actual position). This is for stars that overlap on the map, so you can see and select them. It uses the actual positon to calculate distances.
26/12/14 1.2.0
  • Added more data to the display for rare goods
  • Expanded the range of colours stars display in, and added the key at the top.
  • Added Selling good options. To provide better choices.
  • Updated all the data.
26/12/14 1.2.1
  • Updated data
  • Added export function to route table
05/01/15 1.3.0
  • Increase the number of lines from current that mark the closest system, and change the shade depending on distance
  • Also a big update on the data on the rare goods
11/01/15 1.3.1
  • Added total distance to the route table
  • Usual updates to rare goods
28/01/15 1.4
  • More data updates, new rares, and removal of Kappa
  • Add more range to drop down
  • Allowed for multiple stations
  • Saving of selected sell type and distance
  • Bug Fixes
04/04/15 1.4.1
  • Added Blackmarkets to stations
  • Added Maximum Range rather than picking single value
  • Some minor bugs
  • Data updated as well